Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, The Innovative Technique That Multiplied Nose Retouching

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, The Innovative Technique That Multiplied Nose Retouching

Kristen Gordon

February 2, 2021

It continues to be one of the ‘queens’ of cosmetic surgery , one of the star interventions. The latest technical advances, which have made the intervention less painful and more precise, also bear part of the responsibility for this growing popularity. And among them there is a clear winner who is managing to unseat traditional rhinoplasty. We talk about the ultrasound technique, and the Miami rhinoplasty experts have explained all its advantages to us.

Its advantages over the traditional technique

  1. Greater precision is achieved . More precisely remodeling the nose bone (thanks to advanced instruments), allows to correct different defects without the possible appearance of fractures even in unstable fragile bones.
  2. Less trauma: there are less edema and bruising and less inflammation, side effects that appear in conventional rhinoplasty and are one of its main drawbacks.
  3. More stable and natural results. In the expert’s opinion, rhinoplasties are achieved with fewer asymmetries and irregularities, and certain defects such as broad to voluptuous noses can be corrected.
  4. Much faster recovery , one of the aspects that patients value the most. With less trauma, patients return to their normal lives in a much shorter period of time.

An intervention with hardly any visible marks

But how does it differ mainly from the traditional one? Experts agree that it is a technique that uses ultrasound to be able to file the bone and also to break it in a controlled way , in order to narrow it and thus achieve the desired result. The fundamental advantage of this procedure lies, therefore, in the way of working said nasal bone structure, since the ultrasound device makes a much less traumatic and more precise filing, becoming even millimeter. In addition, in the vast majority of conventional rhinoplasties a small fracture of the nasal bones is necessary, but with ultrasound this fracture is totally accurate.

And the million dollar question: when do you see the real results? From 4-6 weeks and they are final at one year. In general, with the ultrasonic rhinoplasty we will have less inflammation and less bruising, and therefore a faster return to work life. In both cases the recovery times are similar, since the nose will take a few months to reach its final final shape, but the recovery process is highly dependent on the type of work that has been done and even the type of skin that our skin has. patient, for example, thicker skin will take longer to completely deflate than thinner skins.