The Art Of Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

The Art Of Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

Kristen Gordon

February 4, 2021

Rhinoplasty is the art and science of aesthetic plastic surgery in refining the nose, providing a more sophisticated and attractive facial image. A nose in harmony with the face always goes unnoticed, but a nose in disharmony attracts immense attention. The nose is the central point of the face, where any slight alteration has a significant influence on the facial image. Rhinoplasty is a powerful surgical art that enlarges, reduces, lifts, ends and narrows the nose. In addition to correcting aesthetic problems, I corrected injuries and nasal breathing disorders. The art of rhinoplasty is difficult to master for the plastic surgeon who masters skill, experience and passion. It requires a meticulous surgical plan adapted to the specific characteristics of each patient.

Functional Rhinoplasty: A Comprehensive Solution

It is estimated that 13% of surgeries that seek to modify the septum fail because they do not pay attention to other structures of the nose, causing significant complications when breathing. For example, if a nose is crooked in its upper part, we do not remove anything by modifying the septum, because it will be the same. The ideal thing there would be to free the cartilage, cut it and put grafts, this will allow the patient to have more space in their nose. In this case the operation would not only be a septoplasty, but it would be a functional rhinoplasty.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty seeks to provide a solution to nasal obstruction without neglecting the aesthetic part, making patients feel safe, regain their quality of life and can breathe better.

Those who benefit from a functional rhinoplasty are those who have a severe deviation of the nasal bones, since, if they only perform a septoplasty, they will be left with a functional problem in the external skeleton of their nose. It is also recommended for those who have a deviation of the septum in an area near the back, because if only this part is corrected, they can suffer a collapse of the back with aesthetic alterations.