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The Art Of Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the art and science of aesthetic plastic surgery in refining the nose, providing a more sophisticated and attractive facial image. A nose in harmony with the face always goes unnoticed, but a nose in disharmony attracts immense attention. The nose is the central point of the face, where any slight alteration has a significant influence on the facial image. Rhinoplasty is a powerful surgical art that enlarges, reduces, lifts, ends and narrows the nose. In addition to correcting aesthetic problems, I corrected injuries and nasal breathing disorders. The art of rhinoplasty is difficult to master for the plastic surgeon who masters skill, experience and passion. It requires a meticulous surgical plan adapted to the specific characteristics of each patient.

Functional Rhinoplasty: A Comprehensive Solution

It is estimated that 13% of surgeries that seek to modify the septum fail because they do not pay attention to other structures of the nose, causing significant complications when breathing. For example, if a nose is crooked in its upper part, we do not remove anything by modifying the septum, because it will be the same. The ideal thing there would be to free the cartilage, cut it and put grafts, this will allow the patient to have more space in their nose. In this case the operation would not only be a septoplasty, but it would be a functional rhinoplasty.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty seeks to provide a solution to nasal obstruction without neglecting the aesthetic part, making patients feel safe, regain their quality of life and can breathe better.

Those who benefit from a functional rhinoplasty are those who have a severe deviation of the nasal bones, since, if they only perform a septoplasty, they will be left with a functional problem in the external skeleton of their nose. It is also recommended for those who have a deviation of the septum in an area near the back, because if only this part is corrected, they can suffer a collapse of the back with aesthetic alterations.

Kristen Gordon

February 4, 2021

Rhinomodeling With Hyaluronic: Model Your Nose Without Going Through The Operating Room

Hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty is also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty. A simple method to shape the nose and modify its appearance without having to undergo surgery. But … what is Rhinomodelation? Is it really the same as rhinoplasty? What is best for you if you want to change the shape of your nose on an aesthetic level?

The so-called Rhinomodelation with hyaluronic acid is an increasingly accepted aesthetic medicine method among people who think about changing the appearance of their nose.

The face says a lot about us and that is why we want it to look perfect, however, there are those who think that what really gives us personality is the nose. This very important part in the configuration of our face, is for many women and men a center of problems. When an obsession turns into a trauma and the person does not feel good about their appearance, perhaps it is best to take steps to solve it.

It is in this situation that rhinomodeling may be the best solution , especially if you are afraid of going under the knife or that the result of the reshaping of your nose does not convince you and that afterwards you have no way to turn back. With rhinomodelation both problems disappear, since it is a simple treatment and it is not irreversible and also, thanks to the fact that it is based on hyaluronic acid, it hardly presents any side effects.

Capsule firmness

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What can be achieved with rhinomodeling

The Rinomodelación with hyaluronic acid , is not intended for all kinds of changes and corrections of the nose. However, it is ideal for nose modeling that most people require:

– You can correct the aquiline nose or the contemptuously called witch profile.

– Raises the tip and defines the back of the nose.

– Reduces the nasal bridge

What is hyaluronic acid rhinomodelation?

The most important thing to know is that rhinoplasty is a way to define and correct the shape of the nose , but it is not the same as rhinoplasty , since the latter requires a surgical operation and is much more complex as well as irreversible.

The rhinomodeling treatment is based on the injection of hyaluronic acid . A filler that, today, is used in multiple anti-aging treatments and that is found naturally in our body, (in skin, joints and cartilage), which makes it a highly effective treatment and nothing harmful.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule responsible for retaining and attracting amounts of water, which produces a natural smoothing effect on our skin, firms and allows to reshape the contour of our nose .

Medical aesthetic acids

The use of acids will increase the cellular renewal of the skin’s surface, giving it a smoother and rejuvenated appearance.

What are the advantages of rhinomodeling over rhinoplasty?

The advantages of rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid over rhinoplasty are several:

  • It is a fast and immediate treatment

The session does not require much time and it is enough to use local anesthesia.

  • Recovery is fast too

As it is a change in our nose at an aesthetic level, without the need to go into the operating room, in just 1 or 2 days after the session, the inflammation will decrease and we will appreciate the results immediately

  • Good results

The treatment of rhinomodelation, due to its simplicity, effectiveness and low side effects, is one of the most successful among those interested in modeling their nose.

  • It is not a definitive treatment

Although it may seem that this is not an advantage, many people who have undergone rhinoplasty have had problems afterwards to improve their nose but have not been happy with the results.

One of the great advantages of rhinomodeling is that the results do not last forever, they usually last between a year and a year and a half , so if the patient is not satisfied with the results, he is not comfortable with the appearance of his nose … you can turn back.

Kristen Gordon

February 3, 2021

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, The Innovative Technique That Multiplied Nose Retouching

It continues to be one of the ‘queens’ of cosmetic surgery , one of the star interventions. The latest technical advances, which have made the intervention less painful and more precise, also bear part of the responsibility for this growing popularity. And among them there is a clear winner who is managing to unseat traditional rhinoplasty. We talk about the ultrasound technique, and the Miami rhinoplasty experts have explained all its advantages to us.

Its advantages over the traditional technique

  1. Greater precision is achieved . More precisely remodeling the nose bone (thanks to advanced instruments), allows to correct different defects without the possible appearance of fractures even in unstable fragile bones.
  2. Less trauma: there are less edema and bruising and less inflammation, side effects that appear in conventional rhinoplasty and are one of its main drawbacks.
  3. More stable and natural results. In the expert’s opinion, rhinoplasties are achieved with fewer asymmetries and irregularities, and certain defects such as broad to voluptuous noses can be corrected.
  4. Much faster recovery , one of the aspects that patients value the most. With less trauma, patients return to their normal lives in a much shorter period of time.

An intervention with hardly any visible marks

But how does it differ mainly from the traditional one? Experts agree that it is a technique that uses ultrasound to be able to file the bone and also to break it in a controlled way , in order to narrow it and thus achieve the desired result. The fundamental advantage of this procedure lies, therefore, in the way of working said nasal bone structure, since the ultrasound device makes a much less traumatic and more precise filing, becoming even millimeter. In addition, in the vast majority of conventional rhinoplasties a small fracture of the nasal bones is necessary, but with ultrasound this fracture is totally accurate.

And the million dollar question: when do you see the real results? From 4-6 weeks and they are final at one year. In general, with the ultrasonic rhinoplasty we will have less inflammation and less bruising, and therefore a faster return to work life. In both cases the recovery times are similar, since the nose will take a few months to reach its final final shape, but the recovery process is highly dependent on the type of work that has been done and even the type of skin that our skin has. patient, for example, thicker skin will take longer to completely deflate than thinner skins.

Kristen Gordon

February 2, 2021